Khevsureti is located on the southern slopes of the Caucasus in Georgia. It is a remote mountain region between Kazbegi and Tusheti. This historic area is famous for its unique abandoned settlements, fortified villages, and rivers. The road to Chevsuretia leads through alpine landscapes and is itself an adventure. The main road runs north from the Georgian military road by the Zchinwali water reservoir and follows the Pschav Aragvi river. Distance from the Georgian capital about 150 km. The main tourist destinations in the region are the ancient villages of Schatili (1,400m), Mutso (1880m), and Ardoti (1820m). They admire every visitor with the untouchable nature and the mysterious species. The snow-capped mountains, the deep gorges, in which cold water flows like ice, the mountain slopes covered by a forest, the alpine and sub-alpine meadows on which beautiful flowers grow, all of this beauty must be seen with your own eyes.


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