Our Armenia holidays roam this mountainous, deeply religious country, as well as its winemaking heritage and unique position on the Silk Road. Tourism is vital for the preservation of Armenia’s many ancient monasteries, such as beautiful Khor Virap, and for sustaining remote communities where families welcome you into their homes. When trekking the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, Armenian guides go far beyond showing you around and ensuring you stick to the trails. They’re an amazing source for understanding Armenia’s traditions and Christian faith.

As all of Armenia is in the South Caucasus, the capital, Yerevan, is a great jumping off point for exploring life on the Europe-Asia border with Etchmiadzin Cathedral, Geghard Monastery and Lake Sevan all within an hour’s drive. The spa town of Dilijan is an ideal stopover before heading into Georgia with nearby monasteries and Dilijan National Park both providing views over the Middle Caucasus; and the darkly forested Armenian mountains providing an atmospheric entry into Georgia.


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