TL Management LLC  –  Brand Name “TraveLab” is a Georgian DMC for a discerning traveler seeking a life-changing experience.

We are a specialized vacation and travel Incoming Company in the business of travel premiums and incentives In Georgia and the Caucasus region, our experienced team is a pioneer in the concept of luxury travel.

Beside Luxury travel, we offer comprehensive travel incentive programs. Our tours include MICE, group leisure, VIP Luxury, wine and gourmet (unique experiences of Georgian wine making traditions and insights into Georgian cuisine), adventure, cultural, religious, hiking and cycling. 

In addition to Georgia, we offer packages including Azerbaijan and Armenia. Our company offers group and FIT tours to our customers and is actively involved in the B2B market.

“TraveLab”  is the daughter company of Mardi holding, which is one of the most successful real estate and construction companies in the Achara Region. The company has a successful 24-year history and operates internationally with partners in Belgium, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Turkey, and the Netherlands.

We were inspired by this experience to start a travel business, and today “TraveLab” is a successful DMC that provides services in Georgia.

The ”TraveLab” offices are in Tbilisi – capital city of Georgia  and in the region of Adjara-Batumi. Both branches are actively operated by our company and serve clients visiting Georgia via Tbilisi or Batumi international airports.


Gazapkhuli street. 10a

TL Management LLC 

I/N 445505249


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